HT Woodshop specializes in unique hand-crafted home furnishings, decor and the restoration of antique wooden objects.

Serving the Pioneer Valley and beyond.



About Heather

Heather is an artist, woodworker, and restorer living in Northampton, MA. Raised in Ithaca, NY, Heather had an unconventional upbringing centered around making art, being outdoors, cooking, exploring and playing. At the Evergreen State College, she studied science, social justice, indigenous storytelling, drawing, painting, bookbinding, animation, and printmaking. After receiving her Bachelor of Liberal Arts/Printmaking, she shifted to exploring woodworking. Driven to learn carpentry and restoration skills, Heather moved to Boston to pursue a degree in Preservation Carpentry from the North Bennet Street School. Since completing her degree, she has worked for Robert Mussey Associates, a prominent furniture conservation company in Boston, and Trimitsis Woodworking, a high-end residential carpentry company specializing in restoration and custom woodwork. She is currently working full time as owner and sole fabricator at HT Woodshop. When Heather isn’t in the woodshop, she can be found skating, baking or spending time with her husband Griffin and their pets, Willow and Leeloo.



I believe it is my responsibility to source lumber close to home. I support women and non-traditional makers because they are transforming and enhancing the building trades. I am committed to a diligent work ethic, a high standard of craftsmanship, and authentic handmade objects. At the end of the day, I want my clients to love their furniture.
— Heather

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