It is important to care for wooden objects as they age, even if you aren’t using them regularly. Changes in atmospheric moisture, UV rays, and animal interaction can alter the integrity of your piece over time. If you plan to pass on your furniture to the next generation, maintenance and repair will significantly extend the life of your legacy.

Below are a few of my offered services.



Mistakes happen, things get broken and need to be fixed. I repair structural damage, rebuild missing pieces, and fix peeling or missing veneers. I use materials, glues, and techniques that are appropriate to the age of your woodwork.


Sometimes you just need a fresh coat of finish. Any damaged finish can be stripped with heat, abrasives or chemicals. In some cases, the original finish may be able to be preserved. I sand and apply finish by hand with care and precision.




I take on commissions to reproduce existing furniture or architectural woodwork. For more information about commissions, check out my how-to page.

Need something restored?

I offer free consultations and estimates for my restoration services. To get started, email pictures of your furniture/woodwork with a detailed description of the damage.